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Late Monday acoustic groove
Acoustic groove“, is how this band from the city of Witten in Germany describes its musical style, and that description says it all. Amongst the songs stirring your ears and memories during their vibrant performances are plenty of ever greens and ever grooves. But there is always something to dream away by when Late Monday gets down to business. Click on „Concerts“ to know where excactly and when you can meet the band.

Members and instrumentation:

Martin Bleja

Martin Bleja (Guitar and Vocals)

Blessed with an excellent voice he shapes the sound of the band. A city planner in his day-job in the former industrial and coal-mining hotspot „Ruhrgebiet“ in western Germany, music grew to become an indispensable part of his life.

Jürgen Godau

Jürgen Godau (Bassguitar and Vocals)

He works as a mathematician in the IT industry and the joy of music has been with him his entire life. Whether at the campfire after long boating trips or on stage: He gives the band its unique groove wave!

Alexander Herb

Alexander Herb (Guitar and Vocals)

Never far from cracking a joke on or off stage, he has long learned to balance his teaching job with playing music in various outfits before founding Late Monday.

Peter Krause

Peter Krause-Keusemann (Cajon and Vocals)

Deeply in love with Canada’s nature and solitude and else an prolific author and journalist. After many years on the drums with various rock bands and a subsequent band hiatus, he has now switched to the Cajon and regained former percussionist's hights.

Concerts can only be successful with additional helping hands.

Late Monday is supported by:

Tilmann Godau

Tilmann Godau (Sound Engineering)

an excellent musician himself, he has the sense of hearing you need for good sound mixing.

Late Monday loves to get on stage with friends and fellow musicians.

For example, time and again, with:

Ulrike Ronnefeldt

Ulrike Ronnefeldt (Flute and Vocals)

She frequently moves her audiences with rhythmic participatory performances which became a professional pillar in addition to her work as a therapist and nurse. Late Monday is regularly blessed from the treasure trove of her musical experiences and her ever fresh and hilarious improvisations.

Arthur Richardson

Arthur Richardson (Guitar and Vocals)

a guitarist with passion. Besides being a lobster fisher he finds enough time to play and practice music with great passion. He loves the wide open spaces of his Canadian homeland just as much as country music - and both fit together very well.

Tilmann Godau

Tilmann Godau (Keyboard)

a highly talented musician, he plays piano since he was five years old. Fluent as well in classical as in jazz or popular music, he sometimes accompanies Late Monday on the piano if not engaged with his own band "Craft" or mixing the sound for our performances.

Elisabeth Klein

Elisabeth Klein (Flute)

Elisabeth Klein has studied music in Germany, Denmark, Ghana and Bulgaria. Thereafter she played with musicians from all over the world. At Aarhus she received the "Master Of Global Music". She is a member of the successful danish band "Music spoken here". With her fine flute playing she enriched the sound of Late Monday.

Dougie & Chris Parlee

Dougie (Mandolin and Guitar) & Chris Parlee (Guitar)

are father and son; so Chris learned to play the guitar as early as possible. Today they play together from time to time. In the Canadian town Moser River Late Moday met with Dougie and Chris Parlee, and their musical sense made them fit very well into the acoustic groove of Late Monday.

Paul Muise

Paul Muise (Leadguitar)

excites not only his Canadian audience with his outstanding and catchy riffs. While Late Monday was touring Nova-Scotia Paul Muise showed samples of his mastery during their final concert - which delighted not only the audience, but the members of Late Monday, too!

“twin duo” Benedikt & Julian Bindewald

“twin duo” Benedikt & Julian Bindewald (Violin and Piano)

they present a rich, wide repertoire when playing internationally with orchestras or as a duo. Since Late Monday has been in Leipzig (2012) they both join the band as guests when playing on fairventure events.

John Rogers

John Rogers (Trombone)

he is member of a jazz bigband and fills the atmosphere of Late Monday concerts with his special trombone sound. Showing british humor and sensibility he not only impresses the audience as a musician but also is a professional storyteller.

Ronny Müller

Ronny Müller (Guitar)

shows his joy of life when playing with Late Monday. “Rocky Ronny” not only líkes the style of the band but gets the sound to swing in his special style when strumming his guitar.

Matthias Klaussner

Matthias Klaussner (Tuba and Guitar)

studied acting and music before becoming a teacher. His talent in improvisation is enormous, as is his performance on stage too. He likes to join the band on every possible opportunity.